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Elite Akita Inu males: Boost your breeding program

Hakufumy renews its staff and puts up for sale three of its best breeding males in recent years.

We have at your disposal three remarkable Akita Inu males, inheritors of a distinguished genetic lineage. Each of them is ready to enrich and elevate your breeding program, offering strength, beauty, and outstanding genetic exceptionalism. This is an unrivaled opportunity for established breeders and those embarking on their selective breeding journey. Their potential is evident; the decision is yours. Are you ready to take your breeding program to the next level?

Fukutarou Shirakami Kensha ( imported from Hungary🇭🇺)

Yokuzuna Go Yujo Akita (imported from Poland🇵🇱)

Iro No Sekai Masaru (imported from Russia🇷🇺)



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