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Odate Akita Inu

HELLO! We are "Hakufumy Japanese Akitas", our puppies come from the best blood lines imported directly from Japan. Currently, we have been working with this wonderful breed for 20 years, making selections to provide puppies of the highest quality and character to new owners and breeders to all over the world, delivering them with the "genealogical registry" FCI, and the most important Akiho pedigree.

It is already 7 years that we travel uninterruptedly to Japan, learning with the best breeders most recognized worldwide, and after a long time we managed to register our litters in AKIHO (Akita Inu Hozonkai)

We have sold to more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and all of America, making personalized deliveries for the maximum care of our babies. 

The selection of our Akitas puppies for sale is done in strict order of reservation.

We will also assist new breeders that start in this beautiful breed.

I hope we can choose an excellent puppy for you.


Hakufumy Japanese Akitas

FCI & AKIHO Member

Happy Akita inu
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